Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My New Blog Site

My beautiful daughter cam into our bedroom early this morning, 3:55 am. Turned on lights, went to the bathroom and climbed on top of me to get in bed. Since she woke up, the rest of the house did too! After an hour of getting kicked, tapped and laid on, she finally fell back asleep only to have the dog crawl on the bed 5 minutes later to wake her up again. That is when my son started crying. I decided sleep was over rated anyway, got up to comfort him and then decided to play blog site. No better way to indulge myself at 4 am than to play on the computer!

I have recently began digital scrapping. I love it and spend way too much time on the computer with it! Oh well, there are some fantastic pages coming out of it! I would love to share them, and I will when I figure out how to post them!

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